Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants India August 2022

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Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants and Baskets – Review & Buying Guide

Do you want to make your home beautiful? If yes, you will get many types of products that will make your home beautiful. But the natural beauty you cannot find without implementing plants in the house. Now maintaining the natural plant can be difficult for an average person. Read More About Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants Balcony & Home

If you are one of them. Then you can buy plastic plants (fake plants), but there are many types of plants. The best selection is for you the fake hanging plant with a basket. A few days ago, I purchased an artificial hanging plant with a basket on my home wall after hanging the artificial plant. I cannot believe it is real or fake.

So here in this article, we will recommend the top 3 Best Cheap Artificial Hanging Plants & Baskets. But before that, you have to know the proper buying guide for artificial plants.

Let’s move forward.

List of Top Artificial Hanging Plants India 2022

Artificial plant buying guide:

You should keep in mind a few factors while buying any artificial plant. The elements are given below.

Quality:  the quality of plastic you should consider is the most important factor. Because the quality of plastic and the quality of leaves is not good, it looks fake. So this is the first factor you should check while buying an artificial plant. 

Dustproof: This is another point you should consider. Because most of the fake plants get dusted quickly within a few days, if You need an artificial plant to keep in your hall, you should also consider this point. The artificial plant is easy to clean, even it is dustproof or not. But I will highly recommend you to choose dustproof. 

Budget: Budget is another point that you should consider. Because there are multiple artificial hanging plants In different price ranges.

 Colour: artificial plants don’t look beautiful if they don’t offer good colour in plants. You should check the colour of leaves and baskets which look natural.

So keep this in mind before purchasing an artificial plant. Thus, the following factors are important to consider before you purchase an artificial hanging plant.

Top 3 Best Realistic Artificial Hanging in India 2022

Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

 1.DecoreBugs Artificial Hanging Plant with Wood Pot

We have kept the decorebugs artificial hanging plant in the first position on our list for many reasons. This artificial hanging plant comes with excellent leaf colour, which looks very beautiful and makes your home attractive. This artificial plant comes with excellent quality leaf at the lowest price. And it is suitable for any room.

Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

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  • It is very light weight.
  • It looks very beautiful.
  • The quality of artificial plants is excellent.


  • It is small in size.
  1. Hug Me Artificial Hanging Plant

Hug me an artificial hanging plant is another planet on our list which looks out of the world. The most amazing thing I like about this artificial hanging plant is its hanging style. It is mainly used to decorate the hall, reception room, wall of houses and many other places. It is very easy to clean. Just you have to put in mixed detergent water for upto 5 minutes, wash smoothly with your hand without squeezing.

Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

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  • It looks very natural like real plant.
  • It can be used to decorate home.
  • It make the room very beautiful.
  • The meterial of this plant is polyester.


  • You will get only two bunch of plants.
  1. Electomania Artificial Succulent Hanging Plants

This is the last best looking artificial hanging plant on our list. The design of this plant is the same as the above plant. But there are some changes like quality, colour and many more. The material of this plant is plastic. The plastic material is a bit poor, but it is better in this price range.

Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

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If you have a pet in your home and think that this artificial plant is not safe for pets. You are wrong because this plant is fully safe for pets and looks realistic.


  • It is safe for pets.
  • It looks realistic.
  • It is suitable for every size of room.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • The size of this plant is small.

Benefits of keeping artificial hanging plant in home. 

If you are thinking of keeping artificial hanging plants in your home and don’t know the benefits of artificial hanging plants. Then below, we have mentioned some benefits of the artificial hanging plant.

  • Artificial hanging plants improve the Beauty of your home.
  • Artificial hanging plants can be used for decorating rooms.
  • Artificial hanging plants are safe for pets.
  • Artificial hanging plants are easy to clean.
  • It can be carried everywhere easily.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • Artificial plants look real as a natural plants.
  • You don’t have to colour the leaf day today.

So this are some benefits of artificial hanging plant.

Conclusion: Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

This article concludes that we have seen the top 3 artificial hanging plants with a buying guide. Now it’s your job to choose one of them. It depends totally upon you which design you like. There are 3 realistic artificial hanging plants at different price ranges. So you can choose according to your budget and need.


Is artificial hanging plants are safe to keep in the home?

 Yes, it is safe to keep it in your home because the material of the artificial hanging plants are plastic.

 Should we get LED lights with artificial hanging plants?

No, you don’t get any LED lights with artificial hanging plants. But many artificial hanging plants come with LED light.

Which is the best artificial hanging plant on the above list?

It depends upon your need. But if you need my recommendation, I strongly recommend you go for Hug Me Artificial Hanging Plant. This is one of the best artificial hanging plants on the above list.

Should we include artificial hanging plants every day?

No, you don’t have to clean it everyday. But to keep the plant beautiful for the long term it will be better if you clean it once a week.

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