Does BLDC Fans Save Electricity in India?

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Does BLDC Fans Save Electricity in India | Check here to Check Best BLDC Fan in India

A ceiling fan allows you to sleep, work, and sit peacefully in your home. Traditional ceiling fan comprises an induction motor that creates a lot of noise and vibrates, and they are not so efficient in terms of power consumption. So let us find about the answer for this question Does BLDC Fans Save Electricity in India?

If you are looking to replace your ceiling fan, a BLDC fan could be the ideal replacement. We have done a handful of research and found out why should you replace your regular fan with a ceiling fan. Have a look!

What is a BLDC Fan?

A BLDC fan is a type of electric motor that uses brushless DC (BLDC) technology. BLDC motors are quieter and more efficient than traditional motors, which makes them more suitable for use in things like fans and other small appliances.

The “BLDC” part of the name refers to the fact that these motors use an electronic controller to regulate their speed. The controller monitors the temperature of the motor, which causes it to turn on or off at specific RPMs depending on how hot it is.


A conventional motor will heat up and burn out if you don’t keep its RPMs within certain limits. This can cause your fan to stop working suddenly or even catch fire.

But with BLDC fans, this isn’t an issue because there’s no need for a cooling system. All you have to do is adjust your air conditioning settings.

Does BLDC Fan Save Electricity?

The short answer is yes. The BLDC fan saves electricity even though it generates the same amount of airflow as a normal fan, it still uses less energy. When it comes to savings, then According to study economictimes indiatimes As a BLDC fan can save up to 65% electricity when compared to a normal electric fan.

Moreover, it depends from motor to motor. As the BLDC fan uses the brushless motor, it doesn’t require more electricity. On the other hand, a normal fan uses an ordinary induction motor which results in mechanical friction of the brushes, due to which a normal fan cannot save much electricity.

What is the Advantage of BLDC Fan?

From saving on monthly bills to no or very less maintenance, there are a lot of advantages of using a BLDC fan over a regular fan. Have a look at the advantages:

Power Saving: When it comes to power consumption, BLDC fans actually use less energy than traditional fans. This makes them a great choice for businesses and individuals that are concerned about their energy bills.

No Wear and Tear: Apart from very less power consumption, a BLDC fan has very less wear and tear. BLDC fans don’t use carbon brushes in their motor, hence there is friction. Therefore, there is no or very less wear and tear on the motor.

Less or No Maintenance: BLDC fans don’t require any kind of maintenance. You don’t have to change the condenser every year. Moreover, the BLDC fan doesn’t have carbon brushes in the stator or the rotor due to which there is no hidden maintenance cost involved in BLDC fans.

Longer Lifespan: BLDC fans have a very long lifespan over regular fans. BLDC motor comes with an electric control system that has very less chances of getting collapsed, so the BLDC fans last longer.

Better Performance: BLDC fans outperform regular conduction motor fans from the competition when it comes to performance and speed. BLDC fan offers a high torque so that you get the best performance out of it.

Noise-Free: The best part about BLDC fans is their noise-free operation. The BLDC fans don’t contain brushes that can create function, hence the operation is noise free or it creates very minimal noise.

What is the Disadvantage of BLDC Fan?

While there are a lot of major advantages of using BLDC fans, they also have a few disadvantages which should be considered before making your final decision.

Expensive: A BLDC fan is much more expensive than a regular fan. This is due to the fact that the BLDC fan contains high-quality electric components which are expensive, which increases the overall cost of the fan.

Complex Installation: The installation of a BLDC fan is tougher than you would expect. BLDC fans are usually installed by expert technicians because there is advanced wiring which makes them difficult to install for a normal user.

Minor Oscillations or Vibrations: While the BLDC fan doesn’t create any major noise or sound, it does have minor oscillations or vibrations due to the electromagnets.

What is the Difference Between BLDC Fan and Normal Fan?

There are a lot of differences between a BLDC and a normal fan that you should take into account. For instance, the components used in the making, power consumption, speed, performance, and more are all among the differences between a normal and BLDC fan.


Components are the electronic parts that are used in the making of the fan. While a traditional fan comprises an induction motor, a BLDC fan uses a brushless motor which is very silent to operate.

Apart from that, a BLDC fan contains a lot of advanced technology, while a traditional one doesn’t contain any type of advanced technology. Moreover, BLDC fans use a thick copper cord to make sure that the fan lasts long, while a normal fan uses a standard cable.

Power Consumption

A BLDC fan consumes about 65% less energy than a regular fan. It can save you from hefty electricity bills.

Speed & Performance

While you won’t easily find the difference in terms of performance and speed, a BLDC fan is likely to run faster, especially when it is running on inverter power.

Reliability & Durability

There is no surprise that a BLDC fan is more robust and durable than a standard fan. This is due to the fact that it has a brushless motor and very high-grade parts.

Noise Production

There is no or very less noise coming out of a BLDC fan as it doesn’t have any brushes which can also create friction, reduce the speed, and increase your electricity bill.

Conclusion: Does Bldc Fans Save Electricity

To sum up, BLDC fans are the modern generation of fans that uses advanced technology, high-quality components, and a brushless motor to work.

BLDC fans save a lot of electricity and last longer than an induction motor fan. Although they are more expensive, they can save you a lot of money in the long run. So this conclusion the topic for Does BLDC Fans Save Electricity in India

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