Are Manual Treadmills Good for Running in India?

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Are Manual Treadmills Good for Running? | Best Manual Treadmill for Running on Amazon

What is Treadmill?

A treadmill is one of the most popular and ideal home workout equipment that everyone should consider in their day-to-day life. If you don’t like going to the gym and paying a monthly subscription, the treadmill is for you. The best thing about workout equipment is they have become very affordable compared to past years.

At present, there are hundreds of treadmill manufacturers in the market right now. You will get almost any treadmill depending on your budget and requirement. Similarly, you can do various workouts like running, walking, and jogging without going outside your home.

When it comes to a treadmill, you will find two types of a treadmill in the market Manual and Automatic. An automatic treadmill is very popular among people as they are user-friendly and very portable to use. On the other hand, a Manual treadmill is non-electric and does not require power. In addition to this, they are also affordable compared to an automatic treadmill.

Let’s discuss more Automatic Treadmills and Manual treadmills in detail.  

Automatic Treadmill 

Automatic treadmills or motorized treadmills are treadmills that require power to operate. This treadmill motor sets the belt in motion, and you will have assistance during your body movement. One of the most important factors of the automatic treadmill is horsepower. The more horsepower your treadmill has, the more it can withstand body weight provides speed during the walk.

If you do a minimal workout like walking and jogging, you should consider a minimum of 1.5 CHP treadmills. Similarly, if you are a runner buying a treadmill for heavy usage, you should consider at least a 2.5 CHP treadmill. Apart from this, the Automatic treadmill comes with tons of features like speed adjustment, impact absorption, and other basic utility features.

This makes it different from a normal or manual treadmill. The only downside of the automatic treadmill is that it requires a continuous power supply to operate. If you live in a place where the power supply is poor, it can be a little difficult to operate the treadmill.  

Manual Treadmill

A manual treadmill is another popular lightweight and affordable treadmill to consider. Unlike an automatic treadmill, a manual treadmill doesn’t require power to operate; you can operate it without electricity. The manual treadmill has a movable rod below the belt, which moves or rolls and creates a movement during the workout.

The best part about the Manual treadmill is safety because it stops when walking. In an automatic treadmill, you need to continuously run and require a manual button press to turn off the treadmill. Besides this, it is also cheaper to repair as compared to an automatic treadmill.  

Benefits of Manual Treadmill Running 

The manual treadmill has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the Automatic treadmill. Here is a list of the benefits of the manual treadmill compared to an automatic treadmill.  

Less Expensive

The manual treadmill comes at affordable pricing; almost anyone can afford it. The starting price of the manual treadmill is Rs 1500 and a maximum of Rs70000.  

Respond to your pace

In an Automatic treadmill, you need to maintain your pace along with the treadmill motor. You can’t set your speed during the workout. But, the manual treadmill can follow your speed during your workout. 

No power requires

A manual treadmill does not require a power supply to operate. It starts working as soon as you start walking on the treadmill surface.  

Burns more calorie

Calorie burns depend upon the force you apply during the workout. Unlike an automatic treadmill, you apply more force in a manual treadmill when compared to an automatic treadmill.  


A manual treadmill tends to provide more safety than an automatic treadmill. It is because manual treadmill stops when we stop proving force on the treadmill. But, the automatic treadmill continuously runs unless we manually press the turn-off button on the treadmill.  

Is a manual treadmill good for the runner?

A manual treadmill is good for anyone willing to maintain a healthy body. Manual treadmills are lightweight and offer you the same workout as the automatic treadmill. So, there’s no doubt it will benefit users who are regularly involved in the workout. Similarly, we also can’t deny the fact that a Manual treadmill burns more calories as compared to an automatic treadmill. Overall, a manual treadmill is good home workout equipment to consider as a beginner.

Conclusion: Are Manual Treadmills Good for Running?

We can conclude that if you don’t have any idea about treadmill weather automatic treadmill or manual treadmill. Then this article can help you lot. This article gives you complete details about treadmill and solve each and every questions that are running in your mind. Hope this article helps you lot. So this conclusion the topic for  Are Manual Treadmills Good for Running

Frequently asked questions: Are Manual Treadmills Good for Running?

Can we buy treadmill from online market? 

Yes, you can purchase from online market as well as offline market.

Does treadmill are value for money? 

Yes, treadmill helps you lots to do running and maintain body.

Can we ajust the speed of treadmill?

Yes, in every treadmill they offer option to ajust the speed according to your need.

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